Las Tángaras Nature Reserve was created to protect the habitat of two endemic bird species: The Golden-ringed tanager (Bangsia aureocinta) and the Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys).

The Reserve has accommodation for 20 people with comfortable cabins, along with 24-hr electricity, drinking and hot water. Phone and internet connections may be available.

You must make your reservation with no less than 24 hours in advance.  Walk-in reservations are not allowed at any of the Nature Reserves.

las Tangaras #2 - square





  • Explore the garden around the lodge for coco the rocks and tiger heron in Rio Atrato any time of the day.
  • Seat at the baranda overlooking the Rio Atrato below
  • Fruit feeders and Humming bird garden, has over a docen of hummingbird species visiting
  • Walk from the lodge up to the reserve along the quite road, more than 2 hours walk.
  • Visit the habitat restoration area.
  • Humming bird station at the top of the road with more than 20 species visiting it.
  • The two main forest trails (DETALLES DE DISTANCIA) more than 2 kilometers  one a long the side of the valley with the chance to see Gold-ringed  Tanager and Choco Vireo
  • Second trail follows the ridge  about 3 kilometers
  • For those with vehicle you could travel down to the lowest elevation of the reserve 650 msnm,  with different wildlife
  • Small Cable River to cross the river into the reserve. Special permission required to be used.
  • River side beach by the lodge, with a phenomenal range of different rocks
  • Night wildlife watching.  Leaving from the restaurant.  Duration 1 hour.
  • Nocturnal searches are good for amphibians and birds
  • We recommend a minimum stay of 2- 3 nights to enjoy the activities and variety of wildlife

The scenic beauty of the area is unparalleled. Bird watching is a favorite activity but also hiking and nature observations are available.

General Recommendations:

  • Wear cold weather clothing, rubber (welly) boots, insect repellent, sunscreen and sun protection accessories.
  • Please advise about health problems and food allergies.
  • Respect the natural resources of the reserve. The collection of biological material is not allowed.
  • Follow instructions from the reserve staff and stay on established trails.
  • Disinfect shoes with Clorox or bleach to prevent the spread of the chytrid fungus (one of the leading causes of death in amphibians around the world).


The reserve is located close to Afro-Colombian and indigenous community reserves. The Embera, Embera Chami and Dovida peoples are important cultures of the area.




Las Tángaras Bird Reserve was created in October 2009 to protect the habitat of two endemic bird species: The Golden-ringed tanager (Bangsia aureocinta) and the Black-and-gold tanager (Bangsia melanochlamys). The Municipality Carmen de Atrato signed the memorandum of understanding to be part of the Alliance for Zero Extinction Colombia in October 2010.

Las Tangaras Bird Reserve is one of the most diverse and important tropical forest sites on earth, and protects a great elevational gradient – from 1,250 to 3,400 meters above sea level. This area protects the watershed of the Rio Atrato – the Chocó’s most important river which serves as a vital economic resource for tens of thousands of inhabitants living in poor rural communities. This strategic land acquisition helps consolidate a buffer zone protecting over one hundred thousand acres, against unsustainable rapid colonization, and strengthens the protection of several isolated indigenous communities threatened by colonization. This location became the target area for creating a new reserve. A total of sixteen private properties in the area were immediately acquired to create the 7,076 acre Tanagers Reserve.

Many water sources are born in the area, highlighting the Quebrada La Sanchez, a tributary of the Rio Atrato.