Things to do





The main attraction consists of observing wildlife in the area, mainly birds and mammals, also walks along the historical path of Lengerke, built of stone in the year 1840 by the German Geo Von Lengerke, with a length of 40 km which goes from the town of San Vicente to Zapatoca.

Other activities:

  • Fruit feeders and Humming bird garden, has over a dozen of hummingbird species visiting
  • Walk from the lodge up to the Camino de Lengerke, stone path with wonderful tree cover perfect for birdwatching.    You will find the path just outside the reserve talking intrepid and adventures visitor to  Zapatoca.
  • Between sept to march the Cerulean Warbler is common around the reserve lodge.
  • Looking at the bird friendly coffee farming, which produce the known Cerulean Warbler coffee.
  • Lear where the chocolate comes from at the cacao farm.
  • Wood quail feeders.
  • Night wildlife watching.  Leaving from the restaurant.  Duration 1 hour.  The best time to see mammals, spiders, and much more.