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We are a globally significant nature reserve, committed to producing finances to invest in conservation all around Colombia, we do our best to make your stay confortable; however the challenges of being in such a remote place means that sometimes we have issues out of control, please be patient with us and know that it is a privilege to be in a place that is recovering from years of brutal violence and would not have been preserved if wasn’t for the work of Proaves and the individuals and partners who have supported us world wide. We are not yet at the level of other countries that have been able to do this for a lot longer.. but we’re certainly working towards it.

In the mornings you can:

  • Watch the sunrise at the Kogi terraces.
  • Birdwatching from the observation tower: 370 meters up the road above the lodge
  • Birdwatching on the ridge overlooking the Carriker Sanctuary.
  • Birdwatching along the trails:
    • Trail to the Mirador (viewing place).
    • The Quetzal trail to the Kogi terraces
    • La Cumbre trail to the San Lorenzo Ridge (may not be available if weather has caused damage to the path)
  • Walking up and down the road is also excellent for birdwatching


  • Request a presentation about El Dorado and about ProAves
  • Enjoy hummingbird observation by the terrace.
  • At 4.30 PM each day we invite you to walk along the trail to the terraces and watch the sunset over the Caribbean. Take a torch / flash light as you return to the lodge after 6 PM
  • 6 PM – Enjoy the most amazing sunsets from the Lodge Balcony



  • When requested, at 7.30 pm – Night wildlife watching. Leaving from the restaurant. Duration 1 hour.
  • Enjoy the Giles mini pub.
  • Watch for Santa Marta Night Monkeys from the Lodge Balcony after 6.30 PM (spot lights needed)



  • Early morning birding
    • In a 4×4 vehicle. The cost of this trip can vary due to road conditions. Please confirm at the time of booking on
    • Early morning birding, leaving at 4.30 AM from the lodge
    • Transportation is required.
    • About 80-90 minutes up the very rough road towards Cerro Kennedy to watch the sunrise over the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Amazing view of the three snow peaks on a clear morning.
    • Most rare endemic birds seen around the tower (e.g. Santa Marta Parakeet, Santa Marta Mountain-tanager).
    • Packed breakfast will be provided at the tower.
    • Bird watching and nest boxes observation along the road and around the tower.
    • Return to the lodge around 11:45am