Things to do





  • Fruit feeders and Humming bird garden, has over a dozen of hummingbird species visiting
  • Walk from the lodge up to the Camino de Lengerke, stone path with wonderful tree cover perfect for bird-watching.    You will find the path just outside the reserve talking intrepid and adventures visitor to  Zapatoca.
  • Between sept to march the Cerulean Warbler is common around the reserve lodge.
  • Looking at the bird friendly coffee farming, which produce the known Cerulean Warbler coffee.
  • Night wildlife watching.  Leaving from the restaurant.  Duration 1 hour.  The best time to see mammals, spiders, and much more

The area has an average temperature of 59°F and a distribution of rains bimodal climate with four seasons; the total annual rainfall is 1247 mm and close to the multi-year monthly average is 104 mm; periods of increased rainfall occur between April and June and September to November, October is the month with the highest rainfall (163 mm). Dry periods are December to March and June to August, January is the driest month (32 mm)

You must make your reservation with no less than 24 hours in advance.  Walk-in reservations are not allowed at any of the EcoLodges.