Things to do





  • Explore the garden around the lodge for coco the rocks and tiger heron in Rio Atrato any time of the day.
  • Seat at the baranda overlooking the Rio Atrato below
  • Fruit feeders and Humming bird garden, has over a docen of hummingbird species visiting
  • Walk from the lodge up to the reserve along the quite road, more than 2 hours walk.
  • Visit the habitat restoration area.
  • Humming bird station at the top of the road with more than 20 species visiting it.
  • The two main forest trails (DETALLES DE DISTANCIA) more than 2 kilometers  one a long the side of the valley with the chance to see Gold-ringed  Tanager and Choco Vireo
  • Second trail follows the ridge  about 3 kilometers
  • For those with vehicle you could travel down to the lowest elevation of the reserve 650 msnm,  with different wildlife
  • Small Cable River to cross the river into the reserve. Special permission required to be used.
  • River side beach by the lodge, with a phenomenal range of different rocks
  • Night wildlife watching.  Leaving from the restaurant.  Duration 1 hour.
  • Nocturnal searches are good for amphibians and birds
  • We recommend a minimum stay of 2- 3 nights to enjoy the activities and variety of wildlife

The scenic beauty of the area is unparalleled. Bird watching is a favorite activity but also hiking and nature observations are available.

General Recommendations:

  • Wear cold weather clothing, rubber (welly) boots, insect repellent, sunscreen and sun protection accessories.
  • Please advise about health problems and food allergies.
  • Respect the natural resources of the reserve. The collection of biological material is not allowed.
  • Follow instructions from the reserve staff and stay on established trails.
  • Disinfect shoes with Clorox or bleach to prevent the spread of the chytrid fungus (one of the leading causes of death in amphibians around the world).