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El Paraíso. El Dorado
El Dorado
ProAves Reserve
Bangsia Melanochlamys
Las Tángaras
ProAves Reserve
Colibrí del Sol
ProAves Reserve
Crax Alberti
El Paujil
ProAves Reserve
RN Arrierito Ant
Arrierito Antioqueño
ProAves Reserve
Chamicero del Perijá
ProAves Reserve
Reinita Cielo Azul
ProAves Reserve
El Jaguar
ProAves Reserve
Visit our Nature Reserves, hidden treasures of Colombia

El Dorado ProAves Reserve

Hidden gem in the heart of Sierra Nevada
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Las Tángaras ProAves Reserve

A natural treasure in the middle of the biogeographic Chocó
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Colibrí del Sol ProAves Reserve

Páramo del Sol, a hidden paradise
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El Paujil ProAves Reserve

Home of the enigmatic Blue-billed Curassow
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Arrierito Antioqueño ProAves Reserve

Home of the majestic Chestnut-Capped Piha
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Chamicero de Perijá ProAves Reserve

Fall in love with the tropical forests of the Serranía del Perijá
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Reinita Cielo Azul ProAves Reserve

Conservation paradise for Migratory birds
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El Jaguar ProAves Reserve

A paradise of biodiversity
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Fall in love with unique destinations while you are protecting nature

Colombia is one of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries on the planet; It is number one in species of birds, orchids, and butterflies. Without a doubt, it is a must-see destination!

In the protected areas of the Fundación ProAves, you will find magical places to connect with nature and its thousands of species. There you will discover beautiful endemic and migratory birds; unique species of mammals and herpes, and surreal and natural landscapes.

Visit our Nature Reserves and learn more about the immense natural and cultural wealth of the country.